Conagra Brands Enrollment Request
Welcome to SupplierExpress!

SupplierExpress is a web-based self-service portal that lets our suppliers determine invoice payment status and maintain account information. Depending on the configuration, suppliers can also submit invoices and resolve discrepancies through SupplierExpress.

To learn more about how you can benefit from using SupplierExpress, click the following link to take a tour:

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To request an invitation to enroll with SupplierExpress, complete the following information. Once Conagra Brands receives and approves your request, you will receive an email to register and log in to SupplierExpress.
Enter your company name including relevant site information (for example, A1 Lighting, Bedford Division).
Use this space to enter any additional information.
Type the characters that appear below in this field.
Once you click Submit, SupplierExpress sends your registration application to the buyer. The buyer verifies your information and sends you email with further instructions.