How to Join
For Buyers:
  • Enrolled buyers invite their suppliers as follows:
    1. Buyer accesses SupplierExpress and selects specific supplier (based on list of suppliers generated from the buyer's ERP system).
    2. Buyer enters the supplier's email address, modifying the standard email text if desired.
    3. Buyer clicks Send and done!
  • For more information about SupplierExpress, contact your Kofax representative.
For Suppliers:
  1. Supplier receives invitation email with link to enroll.
  2. Supplier clicks the link and is prompted to create secure login credentials.
  3. Supplier immediately has access to SupplierExpress for that buyer.
  4. Supplier may submit or look up invoices and payment information, start a message dialog with the buyer, submit invoices or invite other individuals from their organization.

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